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Industrial Fire & Hazard Control, a proud member of the Advanced Group of Companies, is intently focused on mitigating risk in the fire, rescue, hazmat and disaster management arena.  We strive to render an in-depth subject matter knowledge base, the prerequisite skills set, access to technologically advanced products, world-class service rendering and the passion to

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Firefighting is teamwork and we at Dräger are part of your team. Our contribution to the team is the equipment that protects you during your mission. Only when you trust your PPE and feel in tune with it, can you perform at your very best. So, we’re proud to support you with groundbreaking solutions such

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Both compliance with environmental guidelines and the efficient use of energy contribute significantly to the sustainable orientation of companies. At the WEBER HYDRAULIK site in Losenstein, both certifications have now been successfully completed. “Sustainability is a very important topic for us. We are constantly working on optimizing our processes with regard to the set environmental

The Rosenbauer International Group of Companies with its Headquarters in Leonding, Austria, has become the largest exporter of specialty fire fighting vehicles and is today the leading manufacturer in this field. Founded in 1866, Rosenbauer has become an international group with 13 manufacturing companies (3 in Austria, 2 in Germany, 1 in Russia, 1 in

MARCÉ – products that save lives

What does this mean for Marcé as a Company? When selecting a Service Provider to build you a fire truck or supply you with specialised fire equipment that will be used to save lives, one has to ask the question; Who will respond and understand my needs and supply me with the best possible solution

Dräger HPS SafeGuard

Light enough for any challenge When it comes to saving lives, there’s no time to stop and think. You have to be able to trust in the quality and reliability of your gear at all times. That’s why we make certain that our search and rescue helmets and our fire helmets are state of the

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